Schedule the Weekend – 52 is a Small Number

before breakfast

Have you read the book, “What The Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast” written by Laura Vanderkam? A few years ago I packed this book in my beach bag.  As you can see from the picture I  must have got a little too relaxed and the tide came in during nap time and washed it under. Quickly grabbing  the book didn’t save the water logged cover, but opening it up in the hot sun for a few days salvaged it enough to make it possible to read.

There’s a chapter in the book, “What the most successful people do on the weekend”.  It’s almost like it’s own little mini book and it was one of things that stuck in my brain and is quite possibly the reason that I kept it.

Since it’s the weekend, and it’s been a fun weekend it made me think about this chapter.  Especially because there was some planned fun on my agenda.   This morning, I grabbed the book and in a few minutes I plan to re-read the chapter, “What the most successful people do on the weekend”.    I didn’t want to read it before writing this blog post because I wanted it to be my own thoughts and not the thoughts of the author.  If I remember correctly the author was reminding us to schedule the weekend, but not in the sense of every single moment.  Let’s face it we have all made it to Friday and then spent the weekend going back and forth on what we want to do.    By the time it’s  Sunday evening and getting close to Monday we realize that we haven’t really done anything fun because  we couldn’t decide what to do. You know the conversation, “Where do you want to eat?” and your husband says,  “I don’t care.  Where do you want to eat?”. Then because no one can decide you end up making an omelet. It’s the same conversation, it just goes like this, “What do you want to do this weekend?”   I think the authors idea was to pencil in at least three fun things for your weekend. Every weekend can’t mean elaborate plans unless you have won the lottery, but every weekend can have fun stuff, even free stuff if planned ahead.

If you decide or have already read this book please share your insights.   Now it’s time for me to read the chapter and get ready to start getting inspired to schedule some fun stuff for the weekends  in 2019.   We get  52 a year and  to me 52 is a really small number.  Find me the Time is dedicated to helping you find the time for YOU and the things you love.

Happy Weekend!


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