EpicDay Reminders


Some might declare a sentence that includes the word Epic as bordering on word abuse.  As in, Epic is a way over used word.  Everywhere you turn or if you listen carefully Epic pops up.   In my world as an insurance agent our agency management system is named Epic.   The Webster definition of EPIC reads  like this, a long poem narrating the deeds and adventures of a heroic or legendary figure.  We changed management systems and it really was a long hard road filled with many deeds and adventures.  Was there really a hero involved?  Sure there had to be a leader but the  real heroes were on the team.  They were the team members that chose to meet change head on.  Believing the end result would far out weigh all the frustration that it took to arrive at the destination. It’s been two years and we have arrived.  Most of the basics are learned and the speed is restored.  But we have only touched the surface of what the system can do.  For all those on your team that dislike change, have you given them the book,  “Who moved my Cheese?” Here’s the Link to get it ordered.  Perfect read to get everyone thinking about change in a different way.  Fun and easy to read and a great topic for discussion at your next staff meeting.

A few weeks ago my family enjoyed a ski trip to Breckenridge Colorado.  Take a guess what the lift ticket was called?   That’s right! EpicDay lift ticket.  No more of those paper lift tickets dangling from your ski jacket to fumble with in the lift lines.  Just put it in your  ski jacket pocket and zip it up.  The lift line attendant uses a scanner to scan your jacket and the digital technology takes over.

I kept the EpicDay lift ticket, brought it back to my office, and clipped on my paper holder.  Not only am I reminded of a beautiful sunny day with ten glorious inches of new snow, I am also reminded that every day is truly an EpicDay!   Word abuse or not, that’s the truth.  What do you keep on your desk as a reminder of your EpicDay’s?






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