Hi!  I’m Kelley, the owner of an independent insurance agency.

For many years, I would call a staff meeting when there was an important announcement, a big change, or maybe we were drifting away from workflows and needed to get back on track.   My focus and commitment to staff meetings has evolved over the years.  About five years ago this focus began by choosing a weekly day and time that we would come together as a group and share.  Many times those meetings were unplanned with a few scribbles as an outline.  If you have ever hosted an unplanned meeting, it doesn’t take long to realize it’s easy to get off track and the meeting can potentially go down a negative path.

That’s how my idea came about, Find the The Time ~ Agenda’s for Success! As a small business owner, how many times have you said I would love to have a weekly staff meeting if someone could Find Me The Time.  And that’s where I can help.  I have spent the last two years focusing on collaborative agendas and ideas for staff meetings.  Somewhere along the way the name of our weekly meeting changed from Staff Meeting to Strategy Meeting.  After all, moving forward is about having a strategy and engaging your staff to help create the strategy to meet common goals.

Since life is not all about work let your creative agenda ideas spill over into your home life and your workout life.  You may not be able to convince your husband and your kids to slow down for a weekly strategy meeting but I’m betting they sure would love the benefits of you getting super organized! Go ahead and have a weekly strategy meeting with yourself!  Workouts are a big part of my life so I can’t leave out agendas for workouts.  Without a workout agenda it simply won’t get worked in to a busy schedule.

I hope you will follow my blog and find inspiration for meetings, your business, and your “Me time”.  Find Me The Time is about me helping you Find the Time to be successful.


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