Our 2019 agency theme is “Grow Deeper Roots” with customers, companies, vendors, referral partners, and our own team.  During the year a theme helps us stay focused on our goals, motivates us, and promotes togetherness!   A theme is also a great building block for our weekly strategy meeting. We just happen to be an insurance business but this theme could work in any business type.

Can you think of a stronger word for growing deeper roots than gratitude? How does it make you feel when someone shows you or tells you how grateful they are for you? And what if that gift of gratitude is a total surprise?  When it’s genuine, then there is no better way to grow deeper roots.

Consider a kick off strategy meeting and brainstorm all the ways that your agency can show gratitude.   Give some structure and order to the meeting by starting with 10 sticky notes  for each person and then allow 15 minutes for them to come up with 10 ideas. Take these ideas and put them into the categories: Customers | Companies | Vendors | Referral Partners | Team Members.   You have just came up with the next five strategy meetings and the starting point for your year of gratitude.

A picture and a quote is always part of our weekly strategy meeting agenda.  Consider starting a digital quote file and a digital picture file that you can use as a resource, as it sure makes creating agendas a much easier process.   Once a week meetings roll around pretty quickly, and for me collecting ideas for later sure takes the stress out of agendas.

This is the perfect quote for our gratitude meeting.

If each of my words were a drop of water, you would see through them and glimpse what I feel: gratitude, acknowledgement.  –  Octavio Paz

Don’t you love how the poet included the word acknowledgement in the quote.  Acknowledgement and recognition just might be the greatest form of gratitude that we can give to others!

The picture came from a photo challenge years ago in a fitness group.  Save, save, save your favorite photos as they can always be used for a future project.  Agendas and social media need easy to find and grab photos.

Check out this book, O Great One! A little story about the awesome power of recognition for more inspiration when it comes to growing deeper root with your team.  Talk about the power of gratitude.

I would love to hear your ideas as well.  Please leave a comment.  I will be truly grateful for your help.